Things of beauty stand out, assembly line products do not! Mosaic Stone Art taps into the beauty of nature with colors and patterns found in stone. Fitted slices of stone are intricately inlayed forming a painting in stone. Pietra dura is the term for this technique it first appeared in Rome in the 16th century and relates to ancient Rome and its exquisite tile mosaics. Pietra dura is the technique of using cut, fitted, highly-polished colored stones to create both pictorial scenes and geometric patterns. This form of art has both a history and the unique beauty of stone with its natural colors and patterns. In using stone as the medium there will never be two pictures alike.

We use these same qualities a sence of history, natural beauty, and intricate workmanship to reflect the feelings and emotions of our customers, thereby it becomes an original work of art that is both beautiful and personal.

examine our work then contact us if you like our technique its quality and the beauty of stone.